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Custom Engineered Products

specialty equipment

Engineered For Accuracy

TEC® realizes that every customer's needs are different. That is why we employ a full staff of skilled graduate engineers to assess your firm's unique application and then design a customized system that meets those needs precisely. Altogether, TEC® offers 150 combined years of experience in applied engineering principles. No matter what the demands of your industry may be, TEC's® exceptional talent will assure you of exceptional system performance.

The Personal Touch

TEC® will manufacture a wide variety of specialty equipment to meet our customer's requirements. These include custom ovens with specialty gas trains to give flexible heating output, large wicket style conveyors to be used in ovens, coolers, and humidifiers, combination quencher coolers, and other unique equipment.

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specialty equipment

Applied Engineering Principles

Applied Engineering Principles

Applied Engineering Principles

Applied Engineering Principles