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Electro-deposition coating system

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E-Coat Systems

TEC® will design, engineer, manufacture and install a complete Electro-deposition coating system for your needs. We incorporate the best technology available to build a system that is custom-engineered for your products.

TEC® E-coat systems can be designed with either monorail or programmable hoist type material transfer systems. The entire E-coat system is supplied in an integrated manner including ultrafilters, electrolyte recirculation, anodes, power supplies and paint recirculation systems. RO / DI water supply systems are also included.

Your E-Coat system will be enhanced with our patented oven technology to fully dehydrate the coated parts to prevent blistering problems before curing begins. TEC® will also supply our standard Turbulator® cooler system to cool your parts and conveyors, reducing excess smoke and odor problems in your manufacturing environment.



Electro-deposition coating system

Electro-deposition coating system

Electro-deposition coating system