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With federal Regulations regarding Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) becoming increasingly stringent, VOC abatement equipment must often be incorporated in your design. TEC® manufactures a line of recuperative thermal incinerators for destruction of VOCs. This system operates with 98% effectiveness and high thermal efficiency for maximum energy conservation. Cold structure construction ensures long life by keeping metal parts out of high heat zones. To further reduce your energy costs, some systems offer secondary heat recovery.

Thermal Engineering Corporation's ability to manufacture its own electrical control systems gives TEC® a significant advantage. We design and manufacture relay, programmable logic controller, and computer-based systems. Our control systems are custom designed for your individual needs and can include self-diagnostics, data acquisition, plant supervisory control and other features. Our ability to handle even complex control systems in-house assures that every TEC® system is engineered for performance, through and through.

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