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RadiantWall™ & Turbulator® Ovens/AirRadiant Ovens

Two Steps to a Perfect Finish

The RadiantWall™ and Turbulator® Ovens compose a total system engineered to sustain a clean environment so vital to flawless finish. The TEC® system not only provides a dirt-free enclosure, but also offers savings in time, energy and floor space.

The RadiantWall™ Oven

In this two-step process the RadiantWall™ Oven first transfers heat in a still air environment using infra-red radiation. Highly emissive walls crafted of porcelain enameled steel project radiant heat onto the processed material.

This process dries paint to a perfect tack-free surface in as little as six minutes. At this stage, The Turbulator® Oven is employed to speed the drying process and promote uniformity of temperature.

The Turbulator® Oven

In the final stage of the curing process, large volumes of turbulent air are directed at the object to be heated. The TEC® Turbulator® Oven is designed for simple and effective drying and curing.

By increasing turbulence, the exposure time and oven operating temperature can be reduced, saving time and energy. The advances brought to the coatings industry by the Tubulator® earned TEC® the Challenger award for outstanding systems technology.

The RadiantWall Oven.
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The Turbulator Oven.

Radiating Consistency

The introduction of the AirRadiant® Oven has made conventional ovens virtually obsolete. No other process offers uniform temperature distribution essential for a consistent, quality frinish. AirRadiant® Ovens give numerous benefits including optimal energy efficiency and reduced operating costs. The AirRadiant® model operates on the principle of convection-stabilized radiant heat transfer. This innovative concept provides excellent conditions for automotive paint applications.

Temperature will vary as little as plus or minus 3 degrees Fahrenheit over the entire vehicle surface. AirRadiant® Ovens also feature the BestBurner® system, which provides heat to the back of our curved high emissivity porcelain-coated walls, creating a naturally indirect fired oven.

Advantages of TEC® AirRadiant® Oven

  • Heats uniformly resulting in as little as +/-3ºF variation over the entire vehicle surface
  • Faster heat-up and temperature control response
  • No external heaters, fans, ducts or heat exchangers
  • Quiet operation
  • Conserves floor space
  • Substantial savings in operation costs
  • Typically one-third of the horsepower of conventional ovens
  • Modular construction eases future expansion



The AirRadiant Oven.

The Advantages of the AirRadiant Oven.

The Advantages of the AirRadiant Oven.