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Powder Systems

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TEC® designs complete turn-key powder systems, including the powder booth, guns, and environmental room with conditioned air and humidity controls.

Powder Paint Booths

TEC® can supply powder application equipment for many different products. Booths can be supplied with powder reclaim provisions and manual or automatic application. Booths can be designed for rapid color changes.

Environmental Enclosures

environmental enclosures are provided to ensure application equipment and power storage is conducted in a constant temperature and relative humidity environment. Enclosures are supplied with smooth easy to clean walls and high quality illumination.

For Powder Curing

Three choices in infrared heat technology are offered to our customers.


Our RadiantWall® Oven is employed when a three dimensional part needs to be cured. These parts are passed between shaped gas-fired emitter walls to obtain an even temperature profile with a fast temperature rise.

High Temperature Gas-Fired Ceramic Infrared Ovens

This technology is used mainly in two dimensional wood products applications to accomplish a cure in seconds.

TEC Powder Systems

TEC® manufacturers infrared gas fired ovens and burners for a wide range of industrial applications. TEC® infrared technology offers higher efficiency at lower operating costs than electric infrared. From drying paints, lacquers and inks, to cooking food, sealing plastics and baking electrical armatures, gas infrared promises exceptional performance. TEC® engineers will design an infrared gas burner system specifically for your needs.

Electric Infrared Oven

This oven technology is often used when the application system is small and the higher cost of energy is not a concern, or gas is not available. Complementing our gas infrared ovens is a complete line of electric infrared ovens. Electric infrared offers high heat turndown at moderate equipment costs.

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Typical Powder System Layout