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Our Quality Standards

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Research: The Start Of A Perfect Finish

Solid, focused research has fueled Thermal Engineering Corporation (TEC®) since its beginning in 1961. Founded by two engineering professors from the University of South Carolina, the firm has continuously pursued better solutions through applied innovation. By anticipating, rather than reacting to customer needs, TEC® has acquired more than 70 issued and pending patents in the United States and foreign countries. Today, with decades of experience, TEC® is recognized as a world leader in applied heat transfer technology.

Thermal Engineering Corporation

Three Divisions serve a highly diverse customer base from a modern 120,000 square foot facility located in Columbia, South Carolina. The Process Division manufactures complete finishing systems for a wide range of painting and coating applications. Our facility houses a complete coating and curing laboratory available for testing customers' unique coating and finishing needs.

Thermal Engineering's Consumer Products Division builds innovative infra-red gas grills for the residential market.

Thermal Engineering's  Commercial Products Division manufactures commercial char-broilers and griddles for the restaurant industry.

From automobiles and trucks, to furniture, plastics, paper, building products and more, TEC's® process and finishing systems contribute to the product quality of the world's most prominent brand names. Thermal Engineering Corporation's vision is the start of any great finish.

Tailor-Made Precision From the Beginning

Tailor-Made Precision From the Beginning

Thermal Engineering Corporation understands that diligent testing is critical to peak efficiency and performance. TEC's® Process Division thoroughly tests every customer application prior to fabrication. Our staff of graduate engineers will work with your personnel to design equipment to meet your specific application requirements. Through laboratory studies we will explore various processes and materials to determine the equipment that best meets your process needs. Equipment is then manufactured to our exacting specifications under stringent quality controls.

Tailor-Made Precision From the Beginning


System Flexibility

Thermal Engineering Systems are designed for maximum flexibility for customers' use and with all applicable safety and code requirements that encompass a quality system.

System Flexibility

Tailor-Made Precision From the Beginning

Tailor-Made Precision From the Beginning