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Wood Finishing

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For many years Thermal Engineering Corporation has been at the forefront of paint curing technology as applied to wood products. The introduction of the Turbulator® oven in the mid 1970's literally revolutionized the curing of furniture coatings. Today the Turbulator® oven is the oven of choice in the furniture industry.

For flat products such as paneling, door skins, or lap siding, TEC® is recognized industry-wide as the leader in paint curing technology. Our combination of gas infrared and high velocity convection ovens provides complete cure in minimal amount of floor space. Additionally, our decades of experience, in combination with our complete testing facility, ensure all design parameters are fully proven before any equipment is built.

Whether your product is handcrafted fine furniture or mass-produced lap siding, TEC's® unique designs will ensure your product is the best it can be!

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paint curing technology

paint curing technology

300 Feet Per Minute Panel Transfer Conveyors
300 Feet Per Minute Panel Transfer Conveyors.

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Panel Cure Oven Systems

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Panel Paint System.